Non Profit 10'x5' Booth Sign Up

Please read the Non-Profit Partnership Contract before proceeding:

The Mountain Area Home and Garden Show (MAHGS) is very excited to have the local nonprofit organizations in the show, the fee for Nonprofits is $50.00.  Please help us promote the show by doing the following:

1.    Send out an email marketing campaign (3 to 6 total) to your email list promoting the show.  We will provided you with the content of the email campaign and you agree to send out each email promotion within 48 hours of receiving it.  Please copy in your email.  NOTE:  For new vendors that list you as a referral, you will receive a $50 referral fee.  Only one referral fee paid per new vendor.

2.    Give us the opportunity to have a presence at your major events by notifying and inviting us to participate.

3.    Have a reciprocal link on your website to the MAHGS website within 10 days of sign up.  The MAHGS website will install a link to your website in kind.

4.    Please include MAHGS in your newsletter and we encourage you to promote the show as a special event for your organization.

With your help the show will be successful and our mountain community will become more vibrant by our residents being better informed about the organizations that serve it.

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Purchase Booth Info

Purchase a Booth Online:

Single Booth $495

Double Booth $795

Triple Booth $1095

Tier 1 Premium for Main Level $150

Tier 2 Premium for Gym Level Main Aisle $100

Pay by Credit Card or Paypal.

Non-Profit Half Booths $50

Purchase a Booth by Mail:

Pay by Check

VENDORS - Download Vendor Exhibitor Contract Here

NON-PROFITS - Download Non-Profit Contract Here

Please fill out the contract and mail to:

PO Box 786
Evergreen, CO 80437

Upon receipt of completed contract and full payment, we will contact you with further details on the show, including a layout of the booths.